Press Office

Mazzanti Communication, thanks to the professional experience gained by Andrea and Carlo Mazzanti performing in journalism since the early nineties, is highly specialized in the relationship with the media for the specific activity of Press Office for public authorities and individuals.

ME Publisher, therefore, offers high-quality professional assistance to companies and institutions which manifest communication problems or wishing to start or develop that activity.
Among the experiences made by the owners and their employees, there was as Head of the Press Office and Communications area of the Venetian Industrialists (now Confindustria Venezia) from 1995 to 2008. As director of communications and as CEO of Unimedia (Unindustria Venice Communications) from 2002 to 2008, was acquired a great knowledge of business issues related to the cycles of the restructuring and crisis management (both of great Industry and of the small enterprise), with regard to managing the impact on the media.

Among other activities carried Press and conduct should be emphasized:

Press Office of the City of Jesolo
Press Office of Territorial Housing Company (ATER) in the Province of Venice
Press Office of ATVO Spa
Press Office of Provincial Order of Physicians and Dentists in Venice
Press Office of the City of San Donà di Piave
Press Office of the City of Musile di Piave
Press Office of the Order of Commercialisti of Treviso
Press Office of SAROM Spa
Press Office of SIRMA Spa
Press Office of Shipyards De Poli Spa
Press Office of Mirant Italy Spa
Press Office of Reckitt Benckiser - Stab. Mira (VE)