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Handbook For a New Strategy

Arduino Paniccia

edited by Ennio Savi


Having a strategy means finding solutions to the complexity of the global world.

The task of this manual is pointing out a possible method to transform the future to our advantage and seize also economic and financial opportunities crucial to emerge in the global competition.

The book provides an analysis of the evolution of strategic thought and method, from the dawn of nation-states until the civil war in Syria.

What happens in this country is emblematic of the change in perspective and power in recent years. With the “preventive war” the West had come to the borders of India, but today we see the Chinese military presence in the Mediterranean. The structure of global power is increasingly oligarchic, Asian and present in a wider area. A triad that bears the names of the US, Russia and China. Europe is witnessing an inert vacuum created in the South, across the Mediterranean and North Africa. The old continent is in decline, and doesn’t have a real strategy.

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: History of Strategy (From the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century, Napoleon, Clausewitz, the Nineteenth Century, The First World War, The Second World War, The “Cold War”, The Unipolar Twenty Years)

Part Three: The Current Phase of Transition towards a New Strategy (An oligarchic Future, The Higher Triad, The Lower Triad)

Part IV: Conclusions (A New Definition of Strategy, Strategy and Conflict in a “Post-Heroic” Future, The Islamic World, An Eastern and Clausewitzian Conclusion).


Arduino Paniccia (Milan, January 31, 1946) is an Italian columnist, writer and Professor. Analyst of military strategy and geopolitics, he has written numerous articles and publications that make it an expert in Italian and international level. He currently teaches Strategic Studies at the University of Trieste (at Gorizia) in the course in International and Diplomatic Sciences. Consultant for large private and public companies, is member of the study committees and working groups of the European Union and the UN. He gained through multiple missions in areas affected by conflict, an extensive experience in the field of terrorism, insurgency and peace-keeping. He is commentator and analyst for newspapers, television and the web.



Strategic Studies Series (Vol.I)

Book: € 22,00

ISBN 9788898109555

eBook: € 9,99

ISBN 9788898109180


Brief Dictionary of European Politics

Marco Marazzi & Stefania Schipani


How is the European Union structured? What are its features and how should it change to take that qualitative step and achieve the original idea of a land that is the cradle of different, but close nations, and turn itself into a united Europe which represents the States but also the citizens. In one word, a Federation?

Today’s Europe is a great door with many locks; to discover the Europe of the future and look ahead of us, we need to find all the keys and open all these doors. This is why we wrote this book, which takes a picture of some of the main features of today’s Europe, each one of which is a lock that needs to be opened, and for which we try to suggest the right keys. The keys of our European federation.



Brief Dictionary of European Politics

Re Building the Europe Series (Vol. III)

Book: € 20,00

ISBN 9788898109357

eBook: €9,99

ISBN 9788898109371

A New Europe

A New Europe

Questions and answers about the Old Continent

Carlo Mazzanti

Twenty-six interviews. Eighteen with analysts and scholars of economics, geopolitics, international relations, political philosophy, history, science, finance, astrophysics: Bussoletti, Coricelli, D’Arrigo, Dallago, Dastoli, Ercolessi, Fini, Goldstein, Jean, Lagana, Lottieri, Mingardi, Paniccia, Parsi, Politi, Saita, Tramontana and eight politicians of liberal, democratic, reformist and federalist area: Marazzi, Muscardini, Rinaldi, Schipani, Tabacci, Verohfstadt, Watson and Zanetti, answering some questions about the European Union, Euro, the causes and remedies of the crisis, Europe and the World of the future. The result is a cross-section of great interest to the reader, the citizen and the italian voter whether is a convinced European or that nourish a justified skepticism towards the actual Intergovernmental construction based on the Treaties. Especially among the experts (but the line between academics and politicians is very thin), opinions are varied and sometimes in contrast to an “optimistic and mannerist Europeanism”. From the voice of interviewees come out a majority desire to go beyond the single market to get to the Europe of Peoples. For all of them is of primary importance the attention to the defense of individual freedom of every European.


A New Europe

Re Building the Europe Series (Vol.II)

Book: € 18,00

ISBN 9788898109227

eBook: € 9,99

ISBN 9788898109197



Ten Years of Italian-American Viewpoints for Freedom

Andrea Mazzanti

Carlo Mazzanti

This book collects most of the editorials and some other article, signed by the co-editors, published in the past ten years in the international magazine Atlantis. The globalization of markets and the consequent crisis of the State’s Welfare especially in Europe, without a different policy and without an appropriate response from some governments, among them, those Italians of the last twenty years (but original sin is committed in 1962), has questioned a relationship that should be sacred: the one among Democracy, Capitalism and Liberal State. Ten years of useless sermons? The reading of several articles still underlines their modernity. Foresight of the authors or nothing has changed in these ten years of politics, for the most part Italian? Ten years of resistance for freedom because liberal principles are an achievement of Western civilization. It would be dangerous to forget it. Civil rights are priceless. Ten years have passed. But the battle for freedom is not over.



Another Atlantic

Re Building the Europe Series (Vol.I)

Book: € 14,00

ISBN 978-88-98109-08-21-0

eBook: € 9,99

ISBN 978-88-98109-25-8

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